Product Details
product details
Corporate Finance (v1.8.100)
Year: 2008

Description: --

Basic Modules
Cash and Bank
Receipt and Payment
Bank Reconciliation
Sales and Purchase
Credit Note and Debit Note
Transferred from other application
Journal Voucher
Different voucher types
Trial Balance
Profit and Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Vertical balance sheet
Schedule 6 format for each Group
Cash flow and Fund flow
Auto opening transfer to new year

Application Highlights
Easy to Use
Interactive Main Application Framework.
Listing all menus with it's sub-menu in main window for quick navigate.
Fast switching between different Menu windows through easy one key shortcut.
One key for switching another company or another division at any menu level without leaving application window
It takes hardly 5 minutes to learn basic operating.
Greater Stability
Though it is multi user application. It supports more than 100 users without degrading the system.
Application is in Single Document Interface (SDI) manner. There fore user has only one task at a time and less chance of wrong data insertion.
It is using server side memory for processing data. There are minimal chance of hang up the Application or Machine.
One key for switching another company or another division at any menu level without leaving application window
It takes hardly 5 minutes to learn basic operating.
Robust Performance
Each module of application is passed through stress test and performance test.
It is using stored procedure to process heavy transactions like Trial Balance, Profit and Loss etc. for e.g. it is taking less than 5 second to generate trial balance from 3 Lac transactions. (On screen and Report both)
Its Database is designed in such a manner which reduce the data recurrences for giving fast performance.
Integrated Huge Reporting
Application is using open XML based reporting.
There are common reports like Cash Book, Bank Book, Registers, Trial Balance, P & L, Balance sheet etc.
Also each module is having different types of reports, e.g. Outstanding Report – Agent wise, City wise, State wise etc.
Application supports additional customized reports.
Advanced Security
Application is using highly developed encryption for storing sensitive data like Passwords into database.
Administrator can assign the appropriate rights to user.
Though module level rights user can see only those modules which is assigned.
Record level right is restricted to user for adding, updating or delete the data. Means if user has add rights then he can't edit or delete the records.
User Level Monitoring and Performance Tracking (DQMS)
DQMS - Data Quality Management system.
Through DQMS Application is logging each record operation.
DQMS is supporting management level for status of employees. It supports future work assignment and control the work capacity through distribution of modules.
Shows the total tasks assigned to users.
It shows the detailed report of each employee's Log in and Log off status.
Supports Additional Integration modules
Application is very rich in configure other modules. List of some other modules.
TDS System
Ratio Analysis
Debtors management
Cheque Printing Module
C Form Management
MIS Reports
Minimal Requisitions
Application is developed in .NET framework 2.0.
Thus no need of third party tools. It is easily run on Windows XP and Windows Vista without running setup.
There is no license required for run the application. It is using open reporting language.
Auto Updates
Application is using Click Once technology form Microsoft.
It is automatically check the Updates through Internet.
So there is no need to uninstall and re-install the application.